Monday, 5 March 2012

[JasperServer] Customizing Default Folder and Themes during installation

Hi All,

Probably during
creating default installation for jasper server, we may want to customize default organization that was created as "organization_1" as well as creating default themes that by default is being set to "default" theme. It is very annoying if we have few installation and we have to keep changing the themes. So here are the steps that you need to take:
1.   Make sure all replaced file have been changed inside jasperserver-pro.war
2.   Inside "buildomatic\install_resources\export" folder, there is 1 file called "". This is the file that will be installed as a basic installation on your database
3.  Copy this file into temporary folder and extract it
4.  You will have your structures for default installation, do not remove anything.
5.  Your default organization xml will be inside "organizations" folder, change file name into any name you want and open that file, rename anything that contains "organization_1" into the name that you prefer, for example abc
6.  "resources" folder contains all your default resources, so you should edit resources under "organizations\organization_1" into "abc" as well as change anything inside ".folder.xml"
7.  Go into that abc folder and rename every folder and every xml file that contains "organization_1" into abc
8.  Create your own folder and use the same structure as any other folder. Do not forget the XML file.
9.  Under "resources\themes", you can create your own theme and upload all necessary file that you want to override inside there. Just follow default folder structure and rename ll your resource to include ".data".
10. Do not forget to register your resource into ".folder.xml"
11. Change your tag from "<theme>Default</theme>" into "<theme>abc</theme>" inside "organizations\organizations.xml"
12. Do minimal installation and there you go!


  1. Gracias ... me sirvio mucho

  2. Sure no worries.. Hope you can implement the changes, a little bit difference will come with jasper 5, but I think the base foundation is there.

  3. This will not work on jasperserver 5.2 though. A lot of hardcode on organization in the import file.